There’s a great thread going on the Catholic Answers forum about the Thomist understanding of Truth and Falsehood. It is called “Calling all Thomists!“. Here’s an excerpt from the second post:

It is true that man has in his mind a concept that you called sock, which he or she invented. But when he actualizes a sock in reality, man is not truly actualizing an objective reality that is “Sock”, but rather that which best resembles the “idea” of that sock. So the objective reality of a sock is relative, thus enabling another person to convert it in to mittens; however the idea of a sock is still distinct from the idea of mittens, as in, you truly have an idea of that which you named sock. But there is no such thing as a objective truth that is “sock”, as in, something that exists for the purpose of going on your feet. The very thing that makes it a sock is only true in terms of it serving your subjective purpose.

Did you get that? Don’t worry, neither did I. Still, I love the fact that people can sit on the internet for hours and essentially debate the question “what is a sock?”

“Thomism” is the school of Philosophy based on the work of St Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican friar from the 13th century. Called the Angelic Doctor, he is the father of Scholasticism and arguably the most important mind of the second millenium (equalled by St Augustine, the most important of the first). I wonder if any of us will live to see the finest mind of the third.