Over the past couple of days, I am sure my reader has noticed a bit of tinkering going on. I have changed the overall theme of the site to something with a more complete design philosophy (though still not perfect). I have also rewritten the page about myself to make it interesting (formerly named “Anthony OPL”, now simply “About”) and improved some of the graphics. When the internet drops out (bloody NTT) I’ve been preparing more of the photos from the past month, as well as improving things on this side of the screen by organising my room.

The biggest project this week has been the UTS in Yamanashi blog, which is about 2/3 ready and 1/3 complete. I probably won’t be happy calling it “complete” until well into August, but the most pressing information is already up there (if in a bit of a rough form). Please feel free to take a look around, and leave me any suggestions – especially if you’ve been in a situation to want information about living as a student in Japan.