Just saw this over at the rightly famous American Papist blog. Stephen Colbert repeatedly and consistently defended the central dogma of Christian Faith against a run of the mill “the Bible is a lie” author (Bert Ehrman). Here’s hoping the embed works.

Edit: It turns out that unless I move the entire blog to a private server, I can only post videos from select sources (youtube, dailymotion, google etc) and all others are denied by the WordPress backend. Click here for the American Papist entry, and here for a direct link to the video on Colbert Nation. One of the (Papist) comments also brought up an earlier episode of the Colbert Report where Stephen interviews Philip Zimbardo, who claims that “God was wrong and Lucifer was right” about the nature of Man. Watch that too, and take note of Stephen’s response. Looks to me like some courageous consistency.