Prospera Pascha sit! Happy Easter to all, for our Lord is risen as he said, Alleluia!

What a turbulent fortnight it has been. After my last post I had a whirlwind day finalising business in Sydney, picking up my last pre-departure purchases, racing home, repacking all my luggage, then literally catapulting to the airport… only to have my flight delayed an hour due to engineering problems. I chuckled when the pilot spoke of “phoning Canberra [the capital city of Australia] to request a dispensation from the 11 PM curfew at Sydney Airport”. I had never, ever heard “dispensation” used outside a strictly canonical context.

We arrived at Narita International Airport around 0700 local time, perhaps half an hour behind schedule. Catching the express bus to Kofu, Yamanashi we arrived about lunchtime after a three hour trip through Tokyo’s tangled knot of highways and the extra-urban countryside of greater Tokyo-to and Yamanashi-ken. Since then I for one have been busy around the clock trying to negotiate bureaucratic kerfuffles, purchase living supplies, navigate the intensive Japanese course (including a proficiency test barely 24 hours after disembarking the plane) and, most importantly, hunting down a Catholic Church.

More on these tomorrow afternoon – for now, rejoice in the Mystery of Salvation! If you haven’t already, pray the final segment of the Office of Readings for Holy Saturday. Besides the Exsultet of the Easter Vigil, it’s my favourite part of the Sacred Triduum. You can find it here at Universalis.