Apologies for the delay in posting everyone, I have been superbly busy over the last couple of days with some hardware issues. Yesterday I just about hit the limit on my (until now unused) credit card making pre-departure purchases, such as 4GB of RAM for my laptop, a 32GB iPod Touch (to be used as an electronic dictionary「電子辞典」amongst other things) and hardware components to build a new desktop computer for my siblings to use whilst I am away. Spending two consecutive nights reformatting and reinstalling Windows five times over is rather draining work. I am sure that those who know me in person will be amazed to hear that upon the piles of papers, books, and electronic trinkets littering my desk I have managed to pile even more hard drives, cables, screwdrivers and, in one case, a third computer.

All this got me thinking – in Japan I am told that the penetration of home computing devices (desktop computers as well as laptops) is far lower than in other first world nations, with most people relying on their 3G equipped 携帯電話 (mobile phone) for email, online news and social networking. This is also cited as one of the reasons for the poor performance of the iPhone in Japan (the necessity of a primary computer with which to sync, relatively expensive data plans, a “foreign” user interface) and how much more I’ll stick out carrying an Apple laptop and iPod touch about with me.

Anyway, just thought I’d fill you guys in on where I’ve gone. Planning to either look a little deeper into the attitude of the local clergy to inculturation or the 2001 CBJB document “Reverence for Life” and the greater attitude towards life issues in Japan (abortion embryonic research, euthanasia and the welfare of the disabled and the aged).