“In the beginning, there was the Word…” So begins the Gospel of St John. Though I do not anticipate this blog to be the forum for high-minded (let alone apostolic) theological revalation, I thought it an appropriate point of initiation.

My name is Robert Anthony Bautista, OPL. I am an undergraduate (bachelor) level student of Science and International Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. I am also a tertiary member of the Order of Preachers, an enthusiast of Apple Inc devices, and an amateur digital SLR photographer (of the Nikon persuasion).

These elements of my life will (with some planning) all come together in the growth of this blog. I hope to use it as a tool to record my insights, impressions and adventures while on academic exchange in Yamanashi, Japan over the course of 2009 and early 2010. I welcome all you friends and/or visitors who stumble upon my humble blog, and thank you in anticipation of your encouragement over the coming weeks and months.